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Technology and Innovation are the laws that govern the modern world.Biobusiness always works at the forefront to comply with theMarket and world expectations.


The principles of our company

The laws that govern company policy

Industry 4.0

The goal is to computerize the world of the factory. This is thetechnical integration of cyber-physical systems (SCF) in the activities ofproduction and logistics and the use of the Internet

Circular economy

It is a strategy that aims to reduce both the entry of thevirgin materials such as waste production, closing the loops orEconomic and ecological flows of resources.

Waste to Energy

The energy use of waste is the process by which itgenerates energy, in the form of electricity, heat or fuel, fromthe waste.

Energy efficiency

The efficient use of energy, sometimes simply called efficiencyenergy or energy saving, is the objective of reducing the amount ofenergy required to provide products and services

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